Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 6-10

I do realize that the month is flying past really quickly. I keep missing out on days and am handing this in so late!!! :-( Here are another 5 days at one shot. & yes, I'm doing this at work!!! LOLZZZ. Anyhow, let's get started!!!

Day 6: The person you like and why you like them

Since day 11's topic is your current relationship, so I'll pick out a girlfriend, since I obviously will write about zy whether or not there is a 30 days task. Hahahah!

Okay, here we go! I think those who have known me for a long time would probably know her too. We've been friends since sec 1 and our families were from the same Kampong. Don't know who yet? Okay okay, let's try this... She is a nurse in training, has a round head and she has really distinctive teeth (but she had braces on a while back so that's taken care of). BGB. Okay if you still don't know her than okay, its Isabel. Hello girl, are you reading this?!?!?!?

Okay, Isabel is a really special friend, I've known her for almost 7 years now! Not that my other friends aren't special or what, but Isabel is the one I will turn to in time of crisis or if I'd want to talk to anybody. Whether I am facing problems with people, in schl (just talk to her can de-stress although she'd probably not understand what I'm talking about. HAHAAHAHA), bitching about people (whether or not she knows them) or maybe even when I am facing ridicule (like if I just fell down or did something so awkward its embarrassing). She is the first person I'd call or bbm or like scream at. I like to talk to her as well, about everything and anything, and if I'm planning something, she'd give really random and stupid suggestions and end up talking to herself. Its really quite entertaining. She has always been here for me, through heartbreaks, tough times at schools, bitching about bitchy people, etc etc. I'm glad to have someone to talk to!!!

Anyhow, besides the fact that she's always here for me, another reason why I like Isabel is because she NEVER gets angry. Fuck man, I mean it! Maybe she does but she has a really high tolerance level and I really gta respect her for that. I've gotten angry with her on a couple of occasions but I'd never see her shouting back, "Fuck off Bitch!" or something like that. Its truly amazing. HAHAHAAHAH. Except once I remember she retaliated!!! In sec 2, we quarreled. God knows what we quarreled about! Then you know in secondary schl you sit in twos and the tables are like "stuck" together. Okay so what we did was separate the tables and declared war. There was this small space inbetween our tables and tadah that's our first fight. HAAHAHAHAHAHAAH.

Okay, time for a wrap up. In conclusion(just like an essay... Hahahah, kidding), Isabel is someone I like and that is why. Oh also because she's really slow and whatever she does is entertaining/funny. Hahahahah, kidding! I love ya Isebellaaaaax.

Day 7: Your opinion on cheating people

Cheating people suck. Period. They shld not be given second chances. Once you forgive them the first time, you never know if there will be a second time. Bcs they knw that you will always take them back. Once bitten twice shy. ZY you dare to cheat behind my back!? I think he don't dare also la:-)

Day 8: Something you're currently worrying about

My university English Language requirement. FUCK IT MAN. Idk what's the problem. I hope I will be able to register in English classes on the 22 June. :-( My whole application to the Canadian university is killing me:-( I hope this will be worth it!

Day 9: Your last kiss

Was with LZY, ytd! I miss zy alrdy:-( I'm telling ya, my boyfriend is soooo awesome! He's the best! I mean which boyfriend takes neoprints with their girlfriends although they are camera shy and decorates them afterwards! & he does everything I say. He's my punching bag, my rubbish bin and my personal adviser. Heheheheheheh. Hello dear, you are my wonderwall. Nothing can replace you, sweets!

Day 10: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Drugs - Since young our teachers/schls/parents/government have been stressing on how much drugs can destroy your life, literally and mentally. How they will become so addictive and how they can change you from someone who's lively to someone who's dead and can only rely on drugs to be awake. The addiction will kill. Just one, you say, but who are you kidding? Yourself?

Alcohol - Too much will not be good for health, you can die if you drink too much alcohol in a day. Your liver will call it quits and give the fuck up on you. So stop before its a drink too much. I am not much of a drinker, one shot or one tall glass of beer will make me red like a fucking hairy rambutan. So I'd choose not to drink if possible. I would advise against drinking, or drinking too much. I don't want my friend to die.


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