Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 11, photobooth

Hello blogger,

Yes you're not seeing wrong, this is an actual proper post with picture posts:-)

Day 11: Your current relationship

My current relationship may seem like a normal relationship to many of you guys but to me it is very special. Nobody will ever see what I see in my boy and I love him so much. I feel so blessed when I am with him. I've probably told him this a couple of times before, but I'd say it again. Baby, you're my wonderwall.

My baby, Zhengyu, has been through everything with me, when I am going through tough times, he's always there for me. I am so thankful for him and he has made me a lot more mature than I was. He taught me to prioritize, to save and to treasure everything I have, be thankful for everyday I am living and thankful to my parents for supporting me. You may think these are very basic and every child should have already have these values imparted in them and its very normal. But for me, I was the trouble girl, I was the girl that didn't know my priorities, who went out even though my examinations were right round the corner, who spent beyond her means, buying stuff even before she had her pocket money, buying what she didn't need. I was also the girl who was resentful to her parents, always blaming them for everything, never knowing how to treasure them and everything they have done for me. He has changed me and this is not easy to do. I am no longer that short-tempered "da xiao jie" aka spoilt brat who didn't know how to prioritize and blamed everybody else but herself. I used to always expect things to go my way, but not any more. I've learnt more than just love lessons from this boy. He taught me the principles of life, the ones that were the most important in my life.

We got together when we were in JC 2 mainly bcs of where we lived (BM) so we always met up to mug. It kinda like was an excuse to meet him, hahaha! No need for excuses now, he is and always will have to meet me! Muahahahahaha, no la, he can choose I wouldn't force him -cunning smile- Anyway, I spent almost everyday with him, so paiseh in class when my classmates kept disturbing us. I think I was secretly happy inside, hehehe.

On the way home, he held my hand on the bus when I said it was cold (LOL IKR...BUT STILL WAAAAAH I was damn happy). And on another occasion, he tilted my head onto his shoulder when I was aslp on the bus! Omgzzz, the feeling was like waaaaaahhhhhh! And because we weren't together at that point of time, I was feeling so mind fucked!!! Like totally mind fucked because I liked him and I didn't know if the feelings were mutual!

Eventually, we got together and I have never felt so in love before during our honeymoon period. He was everything I was looking for in love, nice, kind, honest, sweet, etcetc the list can go on and on.

Of course there were tough times where we struggled so hard to hang onto each other, to our relationship. We had kept faith, love and strength in our relationship and we are now stronger. The time we've spent together this past year, the outings we've had, the memories we created together meant so much to me and I feel totally dope (omg I feel like some sk8 girl LOL) whenever I am with ZY. He's my everything, I would never exchange anything in the whole world for him. Never.

I honestly don't like it when people tell me that our relationship ain't gonna work because I am going overseas and long distance relationships will never work out. Its my relationship, whatever comes out of it is because of me, not what you say. So even if someone told me that zy and I are never gonna work out when I'm overseas, I make the choices, I wouldn't budge and I'd still believe in my relationship as I did before. Yes, I am naive, you may think that but wait till you're in my shoes and have someone you deem as perfect. Let's see then if you're willing to let go of your everything. This is gonna be a tough test, but if we are coming out of this, of which I know we will come out of this steady and strong together, we'll be heading to the Registrar of Marriages and that will be IN YOUR BLOODY FACES BITCHES!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, zy and I are reaching our 14 month together soon, in 11 days time. We grow stronger each month we are together. Oh yes, my boyfriend who's very camera shy (basically he hates taking pictures) takes neoprints and experiments with photobooth with me. Does yours? :-)

My relationship is going strong and baby I know you'll read this soon, I love you! You're the best of the best!!! Thank you for having faith in me and always holding on to me even when you're so mad and pissed. I am eternally grateful -imitates aliens from Toy Story-


Anyhow, say hello to my new favourite app, photobooth:-) And say hello to my boyfriend:-)

Love ya baby! You're the best:-)


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