Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bintan + picnic + Javier's

Hello Earthlings,

I haven't been updating this space, I rly miss blogging (not like there is anyone reading any way, but...). I shld have started working earlier and by now I would probably hv a large enough sum of money for me to spend and keep alive. I also shld hv started driving earlier... #regrets Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures to fill the void.

I went to Bintan with my baby, it was AWESOME. Just laze around, walk around, shop, eat reasonably good food. Too bad I was have my period otherwise we would hv been able to go snorkeling and we would hv done many other water sports:-(

A little bracelet, we got scammed!!! They were selling the same thing at Pasar Oleh Oleh for hal the price!!!

Fireflies tour! I look super cui:-(

I wanted to hv some drinks at the bar, but they didn't show us the drinks menu so we just headed over to the beach! Anyway, the second day we rode a jet-ski before heading back and packing up and leaving for SG.

This was picnic with Isabel, Jordan and Sheng Peng.

And Javier's with my baby:-)

The month's coming to an end. Time is bloody flying:-( I'm so gonna miss Singapore. The food, my friends, the places (although I can probably live without this) and definitely my boyfriend. I am gna miss lzy to BITS:-(

Let's hope all goes well and we'll get married ^^


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