Sunday, July 31, 2011


This week:
  • Finish up my LPI book
  • Meet YZ and go back to PJC to collect her SGC + visit Wenrong + hopefully get to ask Mrs Murthy to mark my LPI essay
  • Meet Joanne & Ian for dinner (or lunch?) on Friday
  • 2x Driving - revision lessons
  • Tie the loose ends of my university related stuff up
  • Hopefully swim? If I find a swimming buddy who's as willing as Charlene to teach!!! Haha!
Is that too long a list?

  1. Plan my farewell party, get the necessary stuff. I'm pulling my hair out thinking of what I shld get, ESPECIALLY THE FOOD:-( & my budget... Its gna be so hard:-( I don't wna collect money from people, but I think I may go broke!!! SOOO BROKE.
  2. Go to USS
  3. Catch up on Harry Potter, all the movies, hopefully the books too
  4. Pack my stuff, get the stuff I wna bring over ready and the stuff I'm leaving behind ready and all neatly packed
  5. Shop for some clothes if I have any money left ;)

I don't even know if I'm missing anything... But that's all for now I guess. & I'm guessing the last two weeks are gna get a little bit busy. Good night for now, sleep well people.


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