Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Animal rights

I came across this article today, and I read a few more, as of the links below, some contain graphic pictures:

Pit bull fights: http://hubpages.com/hub/Pitbull-Fights

I am never gonna buy anything related to do with fur, I hv (still hv it) this coat but only the tip of the hood had fur (idk what kind of fur, hopefully FAUX fur), I will still wear it but I will never buy anything made from ANY kind of animal fur ever. They skin the animals alive and then dump them somewhere else, with all the other dying animals (which have been skinned). Imagine if someone stabbed you in the stomach and left you in the room to die, that is better, you'd probably die faster than these poor animals. Just imagine... Then the flies start to come and you get maggots everywhere, omg my stomach is churning just thinking about it.

This is absolutely disgusting!!! It is so heartbreaking and the thing is, its still ongoing in China.

Bear farms are farms where bears are raised for their bile. These bears are locked up in cages where only their head can move and are made to wear a metal plate/armor around their stomach so they are unable to commit suicide. Bear Bile is then said to be extracted from the bears without providing anesthesia (so as to save costs) and then sold to people for medicinal purposes (Chinese medicine). This bile extraction can go up to twice a day, every mother fucking day for ten years.

The truth is bear bile is NOT even effective as a Chinese medicine and is EASILY replaceable with other herbs. If you read the article, it mentions how many become even more ill (a man who took the bile to cure has made him impotent) after consuming bear bile as a medicine. Well, I believe it is their retribution.

Just imagine if someone makes you wear a metal armor around your stomach, wrists and tongue (is this even possible) and extracts bile from your gall bladder without any kind of anesthesia. Even if you're in pain, HAH you can't kill yourself. How does that sound?

In this story, the mother bear killed her own child to protect it from the many more years of suffering it would have to go through. While this is so moving, it is SO heart wrenching at the same time.

Everything happening in the articles points to the government. What are they doing? They can't even track down such activities - not one, not two but TONS of such animal abuse/torture activities? Or do they close one eye because they are getting money somehow? The government really need to start cracking down and hunting on people like these. And there are MANY other stories - like a group of teenage boys tying pigs up and beating the pigs with metal poles, hanging them. The torture... And they are teenagers, makes me wonder HOW were they raised? I'm not pin-pointing any particular country, I still want to live.

Pit bull fighting is where the owners raise the dogs to fight TILL THEIR DEATH. Is this gladiator all over again? If you like it so much, why don't you guys do the fighting?! This is ridiculous, pit bulls are absolutely adoring! Don't raise them just to watch them die.

I want to donate but the amounts are like 100USD, I can't afford that much, I'm just a student. I hope they put smaller amounts so that people like me can donate. For now, I can only raise awareness. (Not that anybody reads my blog...)

We are all animals, we are a species, the most dominant ones and we are smart animals. So we should be smart, at least smart enough to treat animals like they are of our own kind. Treat them like we would like to be treated. Please bring your kids up to be people who are civilized, violent parents will have violent kids. For all those sick human beings out there, I don't know what to say to you. You need help.


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