Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Hiatus

Bloody hell! I can't wait for the weekends. It would mean that I am free from work!!! I will be feeling so damn relieved and it would be back to my slacker days! AWESOME TTM (Y) I'm totally waiting for it.

I think I gta start packing my luggage, plan what I wna bring - the shoes/bags are so gna gimme a hard time:-(

I also gta plan my farewell chalet, which is giving me a headache I gta think of the food, people are not responding, and I am on a freaking budget:-(

Other than that, I am gna be so pretty STOKED.

& I would probably have tons of time then to blog many proper posts. So that's about all from me this week. I'll see y'all on Monday:-)

A little add-on:

El Carmen has probably been ard in Solestruck for a while now, but I'm starting to like this shoe more and more! Urgh, I wished I could just get what I like without thinking.

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