Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Saturday

Couple shirt!!! From Topman Ltd. Our couple shirt atas okay. HAHAHAA
I wish the pictures didn't turn out all blur and shaky.

Spent my Saturday with this boy. It just dawned on me that time is really flying by so quickly. We counted that we were left with 11 weekends together before I fly overseas. But now, its down to 0. I am flying next Sat / Sun mrng.

I really like spending time with ZY although we only hv such a short period of time we can spend together and sometimes we don't know what to do... We never run out of topics to talk about and even silence is comfortable. If you see us sitting at a table just eating our own food, not talking to each other for 5 minutes, I guess its normal. Its not a cold war. Its amazing how it isn't awkward at all.

Most of the times of course we'd talk.

I'm gonna miss my boyfriend so much. People who says we can't last. FUCK OFF. SRSLY.

Okay, I am such a boring blogger.

I am currently uploading tons of pictures onto fb:-) Timbre, Farewell, random outings with zhen and zy:-) Can't wait to update my blog with all those pictures!!!


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