Sunday, August 21, 2011

I still hate beer.

Hi blog,

I'm finally updating with proper posts. The next post shall be my farewell k?

So this is what happened last Tuesday and Wednesday:-)

Tuesday was Timbre with ma' people. Finally satisfied my Roasted Duck Pizza craving ^^ Happygirl92!!! Thanks Bryan for the treat! I've been getting a lot of treats nowadays from all my friends, just bcs I'm flying off soon. Surprisingly, I shamelessly accept all of the treats. HAHAHA.

Imagine waking up to that face...

I HATE BEER. I got reminded why I hate beer again. PLEASE PASS ME JOLLY SHANDY OR BREEZERS ANYTIME. Love them.

Bus-ed back with my favourite girl :-)

Town with WYZ, was rly tired that day so we headed home slightly earlier.

Haven't had bff in the longest time ever...

I wna go to Swirl Art, eat durian and idk what else.

I finally got my plain polaroid films ^^ Cheapest I can find, tmr I'm gna collect them and thn head home. SO much to do. Tmr is gna be a busy day for me!!!

Flying this Sat night, I don't want this weekend to come please...


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