Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hello blog,

So after so long, I have finally decided to blog about my farewell although I'm alrdy in Canada and this was one month ago... WTS. The photos are too pretty not to be posted up on my blog, so here I am!

My farewell was themed Vintage and I looked like crap bcs I had 0 make up + sweaty + running around most of the time:(

But I am so happy and grateful for those who turned up! Those who didn't come... You know who you are and for whatever reason...(or no reason at all), idk I choose to believe you rly can't come.

So here are the pictures!

Thank you all for the lovely gifts by the way, handmade and whatnot, I was so happy to receive all the gifts:')

Balloons from the 09S22 GUYS (omg can you believe this??? I can't...)

This bunch of people came over to my place for lunch first, thanks Asih for the awesome food as well. Now I'm craving for her black pepper chicken and cereal prawns... OMG :(

At the chalet where everybody made friends with everybody :)

Best dance mates ever: + Aud + LY + XL

Lots of random planking...

Pam and her bf came:) Thanks for the sunflower girl!!!
The dudes from secondary schl!!! xo
Wo de er zi!!! (My son)
09S22 girls w/o stupid YZ who went to sign up for some camp in schl:(

Following photos may be disturbing... P.S. Chubby bunny!!!

DANCERS (Y). Thanks minzie, LT and Jensi for the neck rest!!! I used it my entire plane ride and had no neck aches at all!!! :) And LY for the lovely card you made for me! Its up in my room now!!! :)

All my crazy people.

I had a lot of fun at the chalet, thanks everybody for coming!


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