Friday, September 23, 2011

My first week


Here's how I've been in Canada since I moved into Victoria. International student welcome and tons of other events (or outings rather).

1st Sept: International Student Welcome - In UVic followed by a dinner in Chinatown. Dinner was very salty, but I was happy bcs I made some Singaporean friends ^^ But they are all exchange students :'( So they will leave me behind and go back to Singapore!!!

After dinner, Desi (some senior) brought us around downtown Victoria and it was gorgeous! The Government building was all lit up!!!

We walked past The Empress as well, and my friend took a brochure (on another day) and I have decided to go there for dinner buffet during my birthday!!! Why only on my birthday?! BCS its expensive AND I'm still underage...

In case anyone didn't know, British Columbia(B.C)'s legal age is 19. So you can only drink alcohol, party when you turn 19. As for driving, I'm not too sure about that... Its the left hand drive here and I don't think I will dare to drive either... The roads here are way too different than those in Singapore. :'(

Since my friends stay in cluster, they have like the whole apartment to themselves and we cook dinner sometimes. I try my best to learn. SIGH I wish I knew how to cook:'(

Say HI to my SHI FU
And presenting our desserts!!! S'mores. Awesome shit, but srsly, one is enough...

And so, Desi invited us to his house-warming. Sucha nice guy. This house-warming was so different to those in Singapore. Its kinda like an excuse to drink and have an in-house club??? HAHAHA. So it was mostly, burgers, beer, music and more beer. Beer pong!!!

OKAY, Whose house has a fucking view like this!??!!?!? Every day you get to see this. SO NICE!!!

Here is another day when we went to Pepper's and buy stuff! We saw the google car!!! SO COOL!!!!!!! I know, I'm a mountain tortoise. :(

At the beach. Look at the clear sky!!!

And one of the days last wkend we headed over to the Royal B.C. Museum! There was so many things to see!!!!!!!! I swear it is super big! WTF. I walked for like 20 minutes and I thought I had finished and then I walked into another section... And there goes another 20 minutes. And then another one. Ok only 3 sections. But there were 2 levels. The 2nd level was larger. SO many things to see!!! Here are some...

Me: Happy in Chinatown

After the museum, we set out to find dinner and on the way we saw this:

How cute is it?! You can rent it but you HAVE to have a driver's license. And then you can drive on Victoria's road. OMG I think its gna be scary:( BUT I WNA TRY!!!!!

Okay After walking, it was finally Noodle Box for dinner!!! I swear the food is super nice!!! They have levels of spiciness and its rly spicy. Srsly. Coming from a Singaporean who can eat the average amount of chili. Will definitely be back there another time.

Hoped you guys enjoyed my blog post ^^ Till the nxt post!!!

P.S. Thanks Derek for the pictures. (You see, I was lazy to upload all of mine so I stole from fb)


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