Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seattle visuals 1

Hello blog!

Here are pictures from my Seattle trip! I've been a rly good girl, blogging more often...

Before I start, I would like to apologize to my boyfriend!!!!!!!! LOH ZHENG YU. ARE YOU READING THIS!?!!??!

Hi Hi, I know you'll be reading this. I HAVEN'T CALLED YOU IN TWO DAYS. FUCK!!! I wna call but I keep oversleeping. Like ytd I didn't even turn on my alarm... And then today, I had no recollection of turning off the alarm but it didn't ring:( I promise I'll call you tmr mrng, which is Singapore's night time today. I am so sorry:( I rly am, forgive me?!?!??!!?!??! :''''''( I love you, wo ai ni, sarang hae!!!!! Nor oui lei, must answer okay. You won't be reading this until like Thursday when you book out. Sigh:( Sorry x10000000000000000000

No mood to blog properly alrdy:'(

Before Seattle, me posing likea model at my friend's cluster.

Took the Victoria Clipper over!

First night in Seattle! :) (OK MY CAMERA LENS DAMN DIRTY. I KNOW)

Our 30 USD a night hostel. It was quite ok for a hostel + considering the fact that it was so cheap. But the bed were sucky, rooms very stuffy, toilets outside but ok, sink in room too small. If you don't mind all these, its a good deal;)

Our first trip out at night!!! To supper!!!!!!

Stop for a picture...
My hair is horrible from the back eh.

Can you guess where we were at?!!?! The best food place in America!!!

The Cheesecake Factory!!!

Bloody fuck. This is good.

Mac and cheese and crab cakes!
Banana something something cheesecake!
Lemoncello or sth like that:

Our sprite!!! Ok kidding, its just water.
WAAAAAAAAH This one good, sweet potato fries.
Satisfied ladies!

Group picture! & that was it for the night! Next two days in Seattle was spent shopping winter wear and taking tons of pictures and of course eating....... Will post in a couple of days I think? Hahaha! Cya'll around!


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