Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seattle Visuals 2

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Anybody still here and reading my blog??? :)

Part 2 of Seattle trip ^^

Breakfast @ our hostel: Sucha gorgeous breakfast place! So cosy:)

And then the girls knew the motive of our day. Shopping. Yi Ni went to the university street but we didn't want to go... HAHA. Even Derek came shopping with us! (But we kinda like split as ended up in different places. Only Elizabeth and I stuck together the whole trip... HAHA) Okay, photos!

They have so many Starbucks outlets. The first Starbucks originated in Seattle and I went to see it on my last day there which will be in part 3. HEH.

Their Cinema : Paramount. They were showing shows like Captain America, Rise of the Planet of Apes. (wtf I know right... old, old shows.)

Duck tours and entering the shopping district!!!

Didn't enter Macy's though...
AE! But they had this in Canada as well so it was about the same and I was like meh. HAHA

Forever 21, this outlet is huge!!! 3 levels but larger than the one in SG (w/ 4 levels in my opinion). Guess who spent a lot of time in there???

My most expensive purchase was probably from here (besides the shoes). I bought a coat here. Its gorgeous and not ridiculously overpriced. It was 60USD, and yeah that was my most expensive purchase. Everything else was like less than 30USD. O and I bought a 5 USD top there. HOW INTERESTINGLY CHEAP! ITS NICE. Maybe I should do a haul video...

Nordstrom which houses Jeffrey Campbells, Dolce Vita, Finsk, Hunters, UGGs, Steve Madden and a whole lot more brands that you can't find in Singapore. (Except Hunters, you can find Hunters in Singapore) I got my shoes here!!! The JCs displayed were so disappointing though:( The models were old and his collection was scattered all over the place. It was so hard to find. Finsk had nice shoes but the prices were in the 5XX range....... I refused to buy Steve Madden bcs they had it in Singapore (and partly bcs the heels were sky high no way I was gna wear those in rainy Victoria...)

So I settled for a pair of yummy Dolce Vita, a gorgeous heeled military short boot. (Nobody is gna get what I mean but whatever.)

Lunch was at Pike Place Chowder in some mall. The chowder was good and I ate the oysters! OH MAN THEY WERE FUCKING HUGE. And juicy and fucking fresh. Seattle has the best seafood I swear!

Our buys!!! Disclaimer, not all of the bags are mine. But it would be nice if they were... HAHAHHA. Oh yes, I went to Urban Outfitters. They are my favorite now!!! Too bad they don't have it in Victoria:( They have cheap mondays at USD 58? So cheap! I got a bag there, it was like super discounted. Orginally it was 60USD I think. Then they had a half price sale, so it became 29.99 then I saw "Additional 35% on bags" LOL. OK. BUY. So I paid about 22USD for my bag. MAN I AM GOOD AT HUNTING FOR CHEAP THRILLS.

The whole day I felt like I was searching for cheap stuff. HAHAHAA Didn't even enter any branded store...

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory again!!!!!!! This place is rly addictive. Yummy cheesecakes. And the thing is you NEVER get sick of the cheesecake you are eating. Its just nice in every aspect! WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!

A bachelorette party! How fun, I wish I could have this party before I get married. But knowing Singapore....... My friends and I would look retarded:(

Peanut Butter milkshake. The fuck it was good!!! (I realize I use fuck a lot to describe good stuff... HMMMMMM)

Cheesecakes. We got 3 this time, I think they were Black-out, Apple Strudel and Mango lime.
WHO'S FULL??!?!?!? I'm hungry now:( I wna go back!

Went back to the hostel and played Jenga! Omg it was so fun!!! I shld buy my own Jenga stack. I swear its the best game ever. And yes, it was my first time playing Jenga. SHHHHHH.

We made a new South Korean friend, Moon (extreme right) who was travelling on his own. He stayed in the same room as the 3 of us. And yeah, its nice knowing people from all over the world.

How did your previous weekend go?


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