Monday, October 03, 2011

Seattle Visuals 3

Hello blog!

I haven't been updating agn... No time:( I hv a mid term this Friday and assignments to submit later. I am so dead... I shld totally go to the library...But my bed is so enticing! Its not like I don't hv enough sleep, but I just feel like slping... :( So screwed right?!

Anyway, my last blog post for my Seattle trip! We are in the midst of planning another trip to the States, this time to LA during our reading break!!! OMG! So exciting! :)

We checked out in the mrng and headed to Pike Place Market!

The wind was so strong that day... My hair was a mess!!!

Cheese factory!!!
Look at all that Cheese!

The whole point of visiting the market was probably to see this: The first Starbucks outlet!

Grabbed a picture with the sign!!!

Then we walked down the market. There were many fruits, flowers, food, handmade accessories, etc etc.

Seattle's seafood is damn delicious! If you are going there, you have to try it. Anything, their prawns, crabs, all fresh and very very delicious!

Say Hi to our Crab shooters (I'm pretty sure this is NOT the name but I forgot what's the name so this shld work fine.)/ crab cocktail!

Then our lunch here: Clam chowder!!!! :)

Upside down sign:

Then we headed to pier 66 for a walk!

My fb profile pic. COOL RIGHT?!
Gorgeous view of the city.
Hair advertisement, my eyes disappeared...

Glass blown!!! Gorgeous right? It was all spinning and stuff. Rly neat!
Went back and 0 pictures after that, just ate the salmon we bought earlier. OMG NICEEE. So full after that, just went back to my dorm and snoozeeeddddd all the way.

I remember what happened on monday. I did laundry. All the new clothes and the old ones I have yet to wash. (Omg I sound damn dirty) 3 fucking loads. Imagine how tired I was after that............... But I like my dorm. :) I shall upload pictures of my room soon!

Till then!


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