Friday, October 21, 2011

My 19th Birthday (Edited)

Hello mynameiscand, how have you been? :)

So last weekend, it was my birthday and here are some photos from what I did over the weekend!

On the 13th, past midnight, my Singaporean friends came over to surprise me!!! :) I look so ugly but for memory's sake, here are some pictures!

I looked horrible but I was rly happy to receive a cake!!! Hehehehehe!

And that night, I went out with my dorm mates (above) to have dinner! At Boston Pizza! It was uber awesome!!!!!!! I loved the food ^^

And on Saturday, we went to eat at the Empress! High tea session!!! I got a treat from my friends!!! I felt so bad:(

And yes, autumn is here. Remember how the cypress used to be green?
Now the cypress is becoming a beautiful red! Can't wait for autumn!!! I love the fall/winter fashion^^

So nice right this place? Who's coming to visit me? I will bring you here!!! :)

The cups/plates were gorgeous!!!

Strawberries for starters!

And our awesome high tea sandwiches + scones + cakes. I swear it was so good!!!

In the toilet. LOL

Loving this polaroid!!!

And on the bus back to UVic!

At night, we went out, wanted to drink but failed terribly and decided to go over to Jie Lin's and have a slumber party instead!!!

What's a slumber party without camwhoring???

I am the queen of funny faces ^^

And I tried on Jie Lin's ballet pointe shoes!!!

hehehehe, the weekend is here again!!! I have so much to do!!! But for now, I will rest!!! Love the weekends!!!!

P.S. there are probably more pictures but not uploaded yet... Hahahah! Next time! (Uploaded!!!)


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