Friday, January 06, 2012

2012 + Arm candy

Hello everybody,

& I have finally decided to sit down and blog after such a long while. I still have not uploaded pictures of my new year, I will try to do so soon^^ Keep my blog moving & updated... Okay, so more on that, maybe later, or in future.

Firstly, happy new year!!! It is finally 2012!!! I am looking forward to this year! Everybody has a new year resolution, so I must have one!!! The thing is, I don't know what yet. Maybe better results, maybe more becoming more sociable. I guess those two resolutions are achievable, so... I'll have a go at them!

I'm super hyped + excited for 2012 because... There are a lot of things I am looking forward to this year! On top of that list is going back to Singapore and meeting with everybody there. I really can't wait. Nothing is better than having your friends and family right next to you... & they are the only ones who really understand me without me trying to filter out all the Singlish words and phrases. HAHAHA

I shall leave you with some hand/arm candy. I would like them very much please.

Blog soon!

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