Monday, January 09, 2012

Random 5:

Because I am lazy to upload my nyc pictures on my blog - I will, someday... (They're on fb...) So, here are 5 random shots:

1. A bunch of makeup/scents from NYC + my new Furla wallet ^^
2. Some of my textbooks for this term... So intimidating right now:(
3. My gorgeous Furla wallet again. Mummy has one too, its red + the longer version. They were a steal!
4. My overly accessorized by stickers laptop!
5. Cup ramen. I basically live on this to bring me back to Singapore(imaginary world)...

Till I update again... Which might not be soon, I have a bunch of shit to do:( Hopefully I clear what I need to soon & I will be updating regularly! *fingers crossed!


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