Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whistler '11

Hello blog!!!

Here I have with me, pictures!!! Finally, some proper pictures ^^

Here's what happened in Whistler Dec '11! I had great fun, skiing and all for the first time of my life, if you're wondering where to go to start learning skiing/snowboarding, Whistler is definitely the way to go. They have a huge baby slope and ski instructors you can learn skills off! I paid about CAD 200 for a ski instructor (in a group with my friends) + ski rentals!

The weather was really nice to us, so was the snow. Not old but we had a great layer of snow when I went. So glad:) It wasn't too cold either. I learnt a lot on my trip, meet tons of people from everywhere. Everybody is just so friendly and can chat you up without any hidden intentions! We met a swiss ski instructor and he told us that in Switzerland, skiing was "in the syllabus", students had to learn skiing - with no additional fees. It was in the curriculum. How fucking cool is that?

Okay, enough talking, pictures!

After Whistler, I left for the big apple! I love NYC, and you'll see why in the next few posts on my winter vacation!!! ^^


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