Saturday, January 14, 2012

Powerful pictures

If I am not wrong, this depicts anorexia. Someone who keeps thinking that they are fat, when they are not one bit fleshy... This picture makes me kinda sad.

& then, there's Snoopy, who's kinda like me... Fooooooood

I wonder if people will keep promoting anti-racism. A lot of people I meet (not Asians) all think Chinese is my first language for sure. Even when I say I'm from Singapore, they're like "WOW REALLY ENGLISH IS YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE?!?!?!" And I'll go, "Yeah, we speak English everywhere, our school syllabus is taught in English..." "OMG So you can speak both English and Mandarin?" "Hell yeah. " So people, there are Asians who speak English as our first language, even though we are from an Asian country. Stop stereotyping, I get a wee bit annoyed everytime someone gets surprised at my English. Some people get SO surprise when I can speak English. SIGH.

I like this poem!

Don't smoke & stay clean my friends.


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