Monday, January 16, 2012

NYC Visuals 1

Hello blogger,

So I've finally decided to upload my NYC pictures! (some of them) I was looking through the pictures and omg I want to go back there!!! Like now:( I love cities, which pretty much explains why I find it so awesome!!!!!!! Okay, I'll let the pictures do more talking from here on!


My first breakfast in NYC! (half is my friend's please, I'm greedy but not that greedy;)

My crib for the first few nights, it was okay! I slept in the 10 people bunk and it was so damn crammed, but y'knw its just sleep so, that's fine!

But don't use the lockers there please!!!!! I put in my cash and then I was left with one dollar left to put and it wouldn't accept my dollar note (FUCK) and I tried to change to another one!!! BEFORE I COULD DO THAT, IT ATE ALL MY MONEY AND THEN WENT BACK TO ITS "HOMEPAGE"!!! WTH:( I mean 4usd is still money right... I lost 5usd before that bcs the locker door accidently closed before I put my bags inside, and once I opened it the money was gone... and that was when I tried again and the machine ate my money. >:(

Okay, enough about my 9usd:(

On the first day, 25th Dec, XMas day!!!!!!! We went to Central Park, which was so quiet! & very scenic I must say...

Went downtown after visiting Central Park to get our NYC passes! (Didn't really save a lot la :/ )

So here are some streets we passed while in search for the place to get our passes!

I wanted to go to this Juicy Couture shop (above) but I never got to doing it. #regret I also never got to visiting the Alexander Wang shop. #REGRETTTTT

Pretzel stand!

We dropped by St. Patrick's Cathedral, it was so crowded - duh Cand, it was Xmas...

Rockefeller Center!!!

Went to Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center! Amazing views! Don't take my world for it, look!!!

Went downstairs after that, to see the world famous ROCKEFELLER CHRISTMAS TREE + ICE RINK!!!!!!

It was too crowded so we decided to just take pictures!

The Xmas tree looks like my "mane". Lol, best photographer ever...

In case you were wondering, yes my legs were pretty much frozen. But no pain no gain, bitches!

More random sights of NYC:

THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED. I got a little bit closer to home after coming here:)

The best part was that I found out about this by accident. I was on google maps trying to look for some directions, and "Bon Chon Chicken" appeared somehow! I saw the name and I was already super hyped. Even more so when I saw the crazy good reviews. I took down the address and told myself I had to go there someday. THEN as Liz and I were walking to the Empire State building, we said to eat first so the sky would be completely dark and the lights were on. Guess where we walked past?

I managed to eat the Bon Chon chicken that I had been craving for a really long time. I swear it was so good, maybe even better than 4 fingers in SG. The chicken wings were huge, it was so good. OH DAMN I'M CRAVING FOR IT NOWWWWW! When I go back to sg, I'm heading to Ion after I put down my bags and unpack. Hopefully its not too late!!!

That was our early dinner, before we headed to the Empire State Building!

The night lights were beautiful. Need I say more?

Met up with Liz's friends for more food. Had this for dessert. It was good! The brownie was sweet, but the strawberry evens things out.

I would love to go to NYC again. Anybody? ;)


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