Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My life through Instagram

1. Timberlands in the snow
2. LOL Camera (That's what it is called) - can't wait to use it!
3. Korean style chicken in Coquitlam

4. Polaroids 
5. My shopping haul Vancouver
6. One of the OOTD when I was in Vancouver

7. New ring
8. A ton of outerwear
9. Escada perfume - favorite yet, besides J'adore. I love perfumes that smell clean, and not flowery. The scent Escada had was pretty much perfect.

10. Jeffrey Campbell Witt.
11. Ice cream
12. Kinder Surprise - already extinct in Singapore :'(

13. Senso
14. Jeffrey Campbell Benched + cutesy ladybug socks
15. UVic with sunshine - Spring's coming!

Stay safe, x

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