Wednesday, March 07, 2012

5 pictures


I haven't blogged in such a long while, I feel sorry:(

So, here are 5 pictures of a mini peek of what I have lying around my room.

1. Naked by Urban Decay Palette: I feel like I have the need to tell people that this is my favorite palette.
2. My very messy shelf! I'd like to clear some of the stuff up, but it always end up looking the same. SO MESSY.
3. Accessories pile: This keeps growing...
4. Cute socks! Can you ever get enough of them?!?!
5. Wardrobe - with shirts, sweaters, + a ton of outerwear

I will post an OOTD post soon! ^^ Perhaps tmr?

And yes, please comment if you guys have any good places to visit in BKK! I wanna start planning my itinerary! Early I know, but I'm kinda a perfectionist... Leave me a comment here or on Formspring!

Stay safe, x

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