Sunday, March 04, 2012


Okay, as you can tell from the title, I probably have good news^^

I AM GOING TO BANGKOK!!! Wenrong and I just bought our flight tickets, and we've also booked the hotel already! I know it sounds so crazy, and we were just talking about it a few weeks ago. Now everything is booked, I am SOSOSO stoked. I hope Lingying and Isabel (Are you guys reading this?!) can come too^^

This is probably going to be my first trip to BKK ever since when I was, I think 5? I went to Thailand once with my family when I was way younger, and I remember going to a beach (we were probably in Phuket). I also remember losing my hat (it flew away, into the sea), and because I liked it so much, my dad went to pick it up for me. #spoiltbrat

I can't wait for this trip because it has a totally different purpose! Mainly shopping, and a few tourist attractions - grand palace, floating market. And I guess that the highlight would be that I am traveling with my best friend/s! It is going to be amazing^^

In the mean time guys, fund my trip please:

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