Saturday, March 03, 2012


Hello March,

I hope this month will be good to me, and fly by! It is going to be busy, but it will be good. Then it will be one month left to the end of the semester!!!

1) Diet/eating resolution:

I keep saying I'm not happy with my body, but I never really do anything to try lose weight or anything. I am pretty upset with myself. So I have come up with this plan, hopefully, now that it's declared on my blog, I will put effort into actually making this work.

To start off, I want to attend gym once a week, then slowly move towards thrice a week. Then, I want to have a healthier eating diet. No more junk food - perhaps not immediately, but not totally expelled from my life, so perhaps I shall let myself indulge in a bag of chips or soft drinks or candy, once every two weeks. I also have to eat my meals regularly, and 50 sit ups a day.

I NEED MY BEACH BODY. And I am determined.

2) Planning my Bangkok trip:

I'm looking forward to going to Bangkok, and in the meanwhile, Wenrong and I have been discussing much about the trip! We've even found the hotel, and plane tickets. I am so stoked, and I am going to plan where we shall visit - Siam Square, Platinum Mall, MBK, Khao San and I want to go to the water market!!! I know, people go shopping, but I want to be a tourist too! I can't wait, I am going to take so many pictures there! This is definitely a trip I'm super looking forward to, so so so excited!!!!!! I shall go plan our schedule now^^ Hopefully, by this Sunday we will be able to book everything^^

3) My baby brother's baptism ceremony:

My brother just got baptized in church a few weeks ago, and I just watched his testimony. I must say that, even though I am not a Christian, I am very happy for him. I love that he has managed to find something he really believes in, and that Lord has managed to change him into a better person (somewhat). I hope that he will be able to keep his faith, and perhaps when he comes to Canada, still be able to find his way to Lord. Also, hopefully he wouldn't be always be fighting or quarreling with my parents anymore! He has grown a lot, I am happy for him! (Yes we do still fight... We are siblings, siblings have sibling fights!!!)

4) Study:

I need to study!!! I'm feeling pretty inspired to study now, I need to do well! I have missed several Econ lectures, but I can't let that bring me down. I will pull up my socks (Omg, this sounds so cliched), and hopefully, I will be able to do well. This last month of work, it is going to be so tough, but I must not give up and be lazy! I will be juggling two English term papers (1500-2000 words), one research and one non-research. My Wikipedia project presentation, as well as, a Computer Science Midterm is in a week. But after all this, school will be officially over, and I will just need to focus on my final papers.

5) Lookbook:

So I have not been posting regularly on Lookbook, and I will get back to that starting next week!!! This week was really hectic, but I will be back, so watch me ^^ Hopefully, the weather will get warmer, and I will be wearing outfits that I have had in my head for a while already... I still have yet to post a post on my #cheaptrick, where I will show how to create 10+ different styles for oversized button-up. I have so much to do!

I bought this amazing pants from F21, and although it's really long for me, I can't wait to wear it ^^

Anyway, check out my looks and hype me here:

6) Formspring me in the mean time, because I am bored.

7) Lengzai:

My boyfriend is in Thailand now, and I miss him!!! He is such a darling to me :') This is hard, this whole long distance relationship thing. People don't know, don't realize, all they offer are their "words of advise". And all their "advise" is for me to give up on this relationship. Those people are so ignorant, they don't know nothing. Would you cut off the feelings you have for someone, just because they are going away for a while? It is easy to say as an outsider, and they don't know nothing. I have to say that there are definitely times where we both felt tired, and that we couldn't carry on any more. Not only that, ZY and I are also very different individuals. About 2 weeks ago, we got into this huge fight, we separated for a couple of days. And during this time, we both have come to realization that we are and always will be happier/better together. We have found our direction now, and I have never felt stronger about us than I had before. I know that I am not going through all this alone, and thanks to technology, we can whatsapp and talk on the phone, so its not at all too hard as long as we put in effort. Someday, we will prove those who never approved of us wrong.

On a side note, I'm glad that my parents are supportive of our relationship. I think they love him like they love me ^^ They probably know that we pretty much have each other to rely on ^^

You have been incredibly patient if you have read through everything. Kudos to you! Keep reading this space, I will keep updating!

Stay safe, x

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