Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 1 - My Best Friend(s)

Dear Isabel / Joanne / Jolene / Yulenda,

Hi best friends^^ ,

I honestly can't tell if you guys will be reading this, but here it goes anyway.

So, we have all been really good friends since secondary school days. Doesn't sound like it has been too long is it? Doesn't even feel like it has been too long either... But guess what? This year will mark our 8th year of friendship. #holycrap #seriously? #okcan Now, that is muthafuckingly crazyass long!!! I can't believe it either - now keep your jaw shut while I type my letter.

*warning: This is going to be cheesy. And very heavily, okay quite heavily, drenched in Singlish. Singlish = Singaporean English (crazy mixture of Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English, and the different dialects), for any of international friends who might be reading this.

It has always been a pleasure to be around you girls, doing silly things (trying to surprise each other during birthdays and always #fail), hunting for cheapass food (because most of the time, we will be like "Eat something cheap leh, I broke liao. #siaoliao"), shouting (happens anywhere - as long as Yul, our da jie, is around), singing at karaokes (Haven't gone in a while, we need to!!! We always sing all the lao-pok Chinese songs, because #wearecoollikethat), watching movies (and have someone nudge you and ask "What's going on uh?" -throws popcorn everywhere-), having picnics (wasting all the food), dinner at my place (Our favorite Asih crabs, black pepper chicken, and tons of fucking finger-licking prawns - I am drooling now), laughing at Isabel / imitating Isabel (Usually we imitate her sec 1 self. I shall spare the blog the details), Jolene's bad Engrish pronunciation (Mary Carry, White-ny house-ton. #okcan), and Jol's nonstop chio-acting (always talking about long legs #wtf, which also leads to us praising ourselves. yes we the BHB kiddos), chilling at bars (nothing particularly memorable - I just know I don't fancy beer, I guess we don't click well with bars), Joanne's blurness (damn cute, and the goodiest-two-shoes ever^^), Yul's laugh (srsly, wouldn't know what yul will be like without it?! Fucking contagious that laughter. ), Joa & my bad Chinese (Isabel, Yul, and Jol will speak in Chinese - at high speed/mixed with hokkien, and Joa + I will be look at each other like #wtfwtfwtf), and our classic TCC ("we order one pot of tea to drink" #LOLWTF P.S. We ended up not buying tea of any sort, and Yul started taking out all her coins. #okcan), etc. We are always crazy when we are together, we laugh a lot around each other. I am certainly glad that we all are still friends, and I know that if whatever happens, I'll always have you all to fall back on.

You all are a bunch of friends I am truly glad for. -cue tears- We have been friends since for-almost-ever, and sometimes, I question myself. How good of a friend have I been? I probably am not a bad friend, but I don't remember being a particularly good friend either. I can get upset/irritated/angry very easily, and nobody dares to offend/scold me, I also bitch a lot, bully you guys (sometimes), talk too much, have some crazy mood swings, I might even be a bad influence (always shopping, telling you all to buy stuff lol). And after a gazillion crazy temperaments later, you guys are still here. #youallmad??? But thank you, thank you for sticking by me, and supporting every decision I ever made.

The first time I met you all, I wasn't pretty, I was shy, and my confidence was also probably hitting rock-bottom. Isabel was the first to talk to me, "Eh your surname also Chin uh???", but was also the first to betray (HAHAHA #kiddingkidding) me, "That _____ girl very chio leh!". Well that girl eventually left school, and after that, we stuck together ever since (I guess). Isabel and I had this totally coincidental connection as well. My daddy and her daddy were from the same village in Malaysia before. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? We did not even know it until one fine day in sec 3 (or 4), my dad visited her grandparents. #okcan #drama Of course we didn't just magically become best friends. We all probably bitched about each other (except Joa - the most innocent) behind our backs, but thank goodness we got past that (extremely) lame stage. I guess we somehow all knew that we were more than that, and so, here we are today!

Thank goodness for all of you, I managed to get through a lot of things. I had a roller coaster ride of emotions and expressions, I had good days and bad days, and you all somehow stayed with me till now. It is pretty damn amazing. Especially during the bad days, it really means a lot.

Crying already??? So cheesy right. -cringes- I made you guys sound like angels, but seriously, you guys are not angels ok. LOL (not literally at least, #inotsiao). But I like my friends with a little tinge of spice, just like you guys now. Not saints, but not completely un-bitchy either ;)

Stay true, my girly girlfriends (AKA ggfs), stay you.



And on an extremely different note, happy first day of spring!!! And I will do an outfit post soon^^

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