Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTD: That skirt

OM oversized shirt, Myth Crochet Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Benched, Snake Bite Ring, Guess? Gold Cuff, Vintage necklace

Wow, this is a pretty Singaporean outfit! Both my top and skirt are from Singapore! The thing about lazy days is that I choose to wear oversized shirts, and skirts which don't limit my movements. I am usually all over the place in an outfit like this. Simple, but sufficient - for a lookbook post ;)

Here is my favorite skirt, and there is a story behind it. I remember having close to no money left in my bank account, but I decided to go (window) shopping anyway. I saw this skirt on the racks, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to come back another day when I had more money, but it was the last one they had, and so I just asked the lady how much it was going for. She told me a wrong price (unfortunately the correct price was more expensive), and when I found out the correct price, I was pretty torn apart. Well, so it was, either I buy the skirt, and starve for the rest of the month. Or leave the skirt behind, get all bummed out, but still get to eat. Well, I guess you know what happened. The thing was, the lady decided to give me a discount in the end, considering I was a student, and I believe I was very sincere in buying the skirt:') I stood at the shop for a good half hour trying to decide. I am certainly very glad I got it, no regrets.

Its a beauty, ain't it? Lookbook will definitely be getting more of it soon!

Stay safe kitty cats, x


  1. Maaan I've been having such arguments with myself since I can remember :D Eat or clothe ? I'm so skinny for a reason :D
    The skirt is fabulous! Totally worth the starvation :D

    1. Thank you! Ikr, choosing between food and clothes is pretty hard, since I love food. Most of the times I am lucky to be able to choose both. Hahaha