Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OOTD: Halved

Cotton On Self cut out men's shirt, H&M Two toned Blazer, Topshop Leather panel leggings, ASOS Metallic clutch, Dolce Vita Boots.

Coincidentally, this outfit looks very halved, with my leggings and blazer having more than one tone/texture. Even my hair decided to show only half of my face. I've realized that my outfits seem to become more minimalistic... (Or maybe it's just me)

The fountain back at school has begun spitting water again, and I saw a ton of flowers around, so I suppose it really is about time to welcome Spring and say goodbye to thick winter wear. This time, for real. No more delusions. YES!!! I will finally be able to wear my blazers and parade around in school without having to jump into a building every 5 minutes because its cold.

Stay safe, x


  1. Nice touch with the men's shirt ! ^_^ I really like it !