Sunday, June 10, 2012

Batam '12

So, my ggfs and I have always wanted to go overseas for a short trip since forever, and so we finally bought groupon coupons and headed to Batam for a night! We were there about 2 weeks(?) ago, and here are the pictures that came out of the trip!

Huge ass coconut which sucked because it was SO sour. I was actually really excited for the "7 course lunch", but it was really bad. Yes, there was seafood, but it wasn't fresh, the portions were pathetic... The worst thing was that we had to share the table with a group of SNOBBY bitches. That was just unpleasant.

And then.... It was a lot of camwhoring outside the restaurant. IDK WHY ALSO. Not like the background very nice or something. LOL.

Don't eat there la ok... Trust me.

"Look at the trees behind me!!! I'm in Australia!!!" #crazy

Eating... While on the bus to another location - miniature park (or something like that). It was lame, but we had our own kind of fun. While other people went for a couple of rounds of go-kart/flying fox.

Spot the distressed animal. LOL.

And we were brought to a shopping mall for shopping, but we ended up looking for food... #okcan #wedahungrybitches

Had amazing Mie Bakso... :') But everything else (drinks especially) tasted too extreme - too sweet, generally. Even their lime juice was just sweet, almost no trace of lime. Now I don't trust anything besides can drinks/water when I'm overseas.

Went for a massage somewhere in between and we headed back to the hotel - FINALLY. I guess we pretty much dreaded the fucking tour. It was SO draggy, and we REFUSED to take a step into the tourist trap. So all we got were basically food, tidbits, and more food.

The Harris Hotel was amazing. Their service was impeccable - they could remember Isabel's name (it was under her name). #toocool Everything was clean, or clean enough. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything in Batam that would bring me back here. I would have loved to try soak in the swimming pool - a mini infinity pool, but I'll leave my virgin infinity pool visit to perhaps, MBS??? Hahahah!

At some mall right opposite our hotel... It was just like Singapore. I didn't even feel like I was out of my own country. Of course Singapore is still better. #foreverbiased

Would have been an amazing trolley shot if not for Isabel's lame dress.

Nothing to buy so buy maggi mee lor. #fantastic

I should have gotten a loaf of the Pandan toast. I REALLY want to know what it tastes like now.

And more food.

Breakfast table (taken after breakfast time).

A&W - food again. Just count the instances you see us with food... A&W isn't amazing. I guess it's just because we don't have it in Singapore, and you know how we always want what we can't have?

Yup, exactly what it is between Singaporeans and A&W. The root beer float was amazing though - then again, find the right ice cream and put it on root beer. There you have it... Root beer float.

Venturing the shopping mall for an appropriate place to chillax at...

And ended up at J.Co.

Took the ferry back.

And so, this self-indulgent picture of my best friend and I concludes this post on my first (& probably last) visit to Batam. It was an extraordinary eating trip, and because I had the right company, everything boring had become bearable. 

I would love to go on a trip with my girls again, hopefully with Jolene this time! No more Batam/Genting/Bintan/Sentosa. We need to hit the world's greatest cities - Bangkok/HK/Vancouver (Eh, Victoria also)/London/LA. 

Stay safe kitties, x.

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