Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hong Kong Visuals

At The Peak.

Day trip to Macau: 

The Venetian Resort.

The most amazing egg tarts EVER. 

And......Back in Hong Kong.

Roasted goose. 

Took the local ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Had dinner in my first fine dining restaurant, La Parole. La Parole is owned by my daddy's university mate / Uncle Raymond, it serves AMAZING French food. Well, I am no expert in French food, so don't just take my word for it. Next time you go to Hong Kong, visit this restaurant, and decide for yourself. Remember, Uncle Raymond has a chocolate shop - you don't want to choose the wrong dessert (well actually the Creme Brulee was great). 

Hong Kong's clubbing/night scene.

Joshua & Joseph singing @ Backstage.

With my father's university mates - amazing group of people ^^

Went for dinner with my extended (not all were present though - some stay in Taiwan) family. Just look at the family tree.......... The numbered 1-4 are my father & his brothers (his sisters were not included in the list). Look how our Chinese names all have the same first word (?). Spy me. Hahahaha.

So basically, I stopped by Hong Kong on my way back to Singapore. Uncle Kenny (from Canada) flew back with me, and we met my family for a short trip in Hong Kong. Sad to say, shopping in Hong Kong wasn't as fantastic as I imagined it to be, but I sure enjoyed myself with all the food I had there. I was literally stuffing my face with food, plate after plate, meal after meal. Dim Sum, roasted goose, egg tarts, even French food. You name it, I've had it. Except western food, which I've had enough of in Canada.

Food aside, Hong Kong proved to be amazing - maybe it's because I haven't been there in such a long time??? The landscape, the night life, the amazing people, the food. DAMN I AM BACK AT IT AGAIN EH??? FOOD. Just wandering the streets of Hong Kong, and you'll be able to see plenty of great restaurants (plenty of them received the Michelin Award).

I would love to be back there again, hopefully with someone who can speak Cantonese (AHEM LZY YOU READING THIS???). I actually am stopping over in HK for like 2 hours when I am going back to Canada. LOL. I wouldn't be laughing then... Not really looking forward to going back to studying:(



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