Monday, June 04, 2012

Jolene's 20th

Ya we finished the food... Look at that bowl... Sparkling clean.

Le crazy friends are...Crazy.

Cheers!!! The Keroppi cupcake way^^

The crazy chio interior.

I should have totally edited this set of photos but I was lazy. I should really start putting more effort into delivering prettier pictures. I will from next post onwards!!! I promise!

 We ordered customized cupcakes off The theme was none other than Keroppi. I was a little worried at first, but they turned out to be HELLA cute!!! They were sparkly (you can't really tell from the pictures...), had a ton of cute expressions, and what special is a cupcake without the rainbow interior??? Thanks Jess for so much amazing in 12 cupcakes!!!

I'm pretty sure Jol enjoyed them cupcakes. HEH. We had a simple celebration - cupcakes, birthday song, dinner @ Watami, then chillax session @ Acid Bar (aka my favorite bar for now). Keep in mind I just came back from Canada, so it was a HELL of a catching up session too! I also gave them the little somethings from my travels overseas (NYC + Vanc).

At Acid Bar, we got free drinks thanks to an anonymous customer who wanted to wish Jolene a very happy birthday. HAHA, so indirectly, thanks for the drinks, Jol! I hope you enjoyed your birthday (OH GOD THIS POST IS SO LATE) & let's go back to Acid Bar soon^^

Stay safe, x

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