Thursday, June 14, 2012

Picnic with 09S22

Would you look at all the food!!!!!

I am absolutely in love with the skyline. No country (in my own opinion of course) has a nicer skyline than Singapore. I'm SO loving Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in the background, tons of randomly shaped buildings, classmates goofing around in the foreground, and then there is the Singapore Flyer? Skyline complete.

Me in the background trying to fly my kite barefoot. Just because... I liked it.

I liked this retarded picture of me running so much I actually made it my profile picture... For 3 days.


Me and the Kwang Soo (a Running Man member) of the class.

Ain't this the sweetest scene??? :') Take the lollipop already!!!

I can swear he isn't as chubby as he looks.

Obligatory toilet shot.

Our sexy Armani Exchange model (LOL) AKA Mr Hong.

Our class is blessed (or perhaps it is something unfortunate) with very few girls. Total class population: 25. Total girls head count: 6

OH HO... Caught looking at girls.

AND both our kites flew away... Sheesh.

Went over to Settlers after dinner for board games. Had a ton of fun! And le boyfriend came.

^ This is le boyfriend's gay partner (or so I call him).

Another class shot with not as many people as before:'(

We are having a class gathering this Sunday!!! A class BBQ!!!!!! SAY YAY! Can't wait to see this group of people again :') And perhaps some others who couldn't make it the other time.


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