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Bangkok Diary (2)

So, the other half of my Bangkok getaway was spent savoring good food and exploring more touristy areas, well and of course we did a little bit of shopping here and there. 

Sandals from Chatuchak^^

We headed down to MBK and then the Siam area (Siam Center/Square/Paragon).

Please do buy truckloads of handphone accessories from MBK. I bought like 4-5 iPhone covers for myself/ZY/the brother (4-5 in total la, not each okay), a swarovski crystal studded bumper for my mommy, an iphone phone receiver (LOL). I think I bought a lot of phone accessories!!! And I think I should have bought more!

I regret not buying the strawberry earjack:'(

Anyhow, pictures!

Some pretty dope beef ball noodles & pad thai (below).

Tom Yum Goong!!! I love how awesome Thai food is, and how you will ALWAYS be able to find local food for cheap. Like 2 SGD. How freaking awesome is that? It's just amazing to me...

Headed over to Siam...

I think this (below) was in Siam Emporium or something... I can't remember.

Finally Siam Center! I wished we spent more time here, I would have found some pretty neat Thai designer stuff. But no time:(

Just slacking in a cafe in Siam Center:

Balls - red velvet, double chocolate, and snow ball or something.

3 small balls take picture until like that... (myself included LOL)

Personally, I didn't like Siam (overall Siam, not just Siam Center) at all. It was just too commercialized and come on, we're in Bangkok for the cheap stuff. Of course they had really nice Thai designer boutiques in Siam Center, but you'll need a lot of cash!!! I was kinda broke by then... AND we didn't have time. 

LF Villains is probably the most popular store in Siam Center - they hold international shoe makers designs. Mainly Jeffrey Campbell. BUT I didn't buy shoes there. SO PROUD OF MYSELF. 

IF you're not willing to spend over 50 SGD on a piece of clothing, and are not interested in international brands (F21, Zara), just give Siam a miss. Go to Chatuchak or Platinum Mall, and stay there. 

I should wear these awesome pants with my heels... I will someday... Looking extra short in this picture above!

What up Ling Ying??? At a payphone trying to call home, but all of your change you spent on someone else?

Just an obligatory touristy picture...

And we headed off to Asiatique - Bangkok's latest attraction.

If you have doubts about this place, please just visit it!!! It is amazing! I loved it!!!

Take the BTS to Sapan Taksin, then take a shuttle ferry there! It's not easy to spot the ferry apart from the rest - red flag with "Asiatique". Does it get any easier??? Be careful not to take the wrong ferry though, other boats might charge you. This ferry is entirely free. 

It is a night market, so it is open only after 5pm. Go any earlier and you'll see that nothing is open. 

From what I heard, the areas outside are the most expensive. And as you go further in, things will get cheaper, but they also get tackier. 

I liked exploring the place, and there are a lot of whacky stuff. You probably wouldn't buy them because you'll dread carrying heavy stuff back, but you'll enjoy looking around and playing with them in store. 

Food is found right in the center of Asiatique, big variety - Thai, Western (pasta, fish & chips), seafood, etc. Plenty of choices!!! Worry about getting a seat first! Drink a beer or eat an ice cream after dinner^^

This lovely place greets you once you arrive. The lights are only lit after 7pm (I think).

There was nothing in this phone booth!!! Probably because Asiatique is in it's early stages of development, so it hasn't been installed yet. I think this is the reason. BUT, it might also just be there so that people like us can cam-whore. HAHAHA.

This was our choice for dinner. Chic Grill, a seafood restaurant.

The food was okay, nothing spectacular. But amazing service. We found a fly in our Tom Yum hot pot, and the owner immediately come over to apologize and made us a new one.

This mussels dish was pretty good though........ *licks lips

And that was a glimpse of our dinner!

Back to exploring and camwhoring.... Muahahahahah

ICE CREAM!!! Gorgeous colors... WHY did I not try the blue one??? I had lemon and tropical fruits I think. I liked the ice cream! A lot of lemon ice cream are getting really sweet nowadays, but this one I had was sour. And I really liked that about the ice cream :)

And it was back to the city! 

The next day we got up late and had breakfast at this Thai restaurant near Ecotel. The food was pretty amazing!!! It was a little expensive though, I think it's because it's located near hotels - Ramada, Ecotel, etc... 

PINEAPPLE RICE!!! LOOKS SOOOOOO GOOD RIGHT!!! Okay, I have to confess, it looks better than it tastes unfortunately. But still good, definitely worth a try :)

Thai fishcakes, which were amazing!!!!! I love Thai fishcakes!!!!!!!!! I regret not eating more of them :( Thai Express in Singapore has them for almost triple the price...

After lunch, we put our swag on, and headed to Chinatown!!! :)

On our way to Chinatown, a taxi driver's view.

First stop: durians. 
HOLY. They were good. I LOVE durians. I cannot express how much I actually love durians... The ones we had were pretty damn amazing. Sweet, thick, kinda milky. And THAT much for 150 baht (~6 SGD). How amazing is that??? 

If you are in BKK, please eat durians!!!!! Of course, only if you love/like durians. Otherwise you suffer. Muahahahahah. 

Then it was Khao San... Or Backpackers alley. THIS is where you want to go if you are a Sarong party girl. A TON of caucasians. Also pretty dodgy, but I felt that because there were a lot of people around - even at night, it was pretty safe. 

EVER POPULAR BANANA PANCAKE STORE. FUCKING DOPE BANANA PANCAKES. Look at the person taking a video (LOL I know because I saw HAHAHA).

Fucking banana pancake. Just look at it. Crispy on the outside, and sweet on the inside. Man, I mean it's sweet outside too because of the chocolate. Damn! I can't think straight anymore! 

Walked round and round to find this restaurant!!! We especially wanted to go there because a man who sold us handmade accessories in Chatuchak said he has a restaurant in Khao San. He was particularly nice and patient with us so we decided to give this place a try. 

AMAZING. Too amazing. :') It is SO easy to find amazing Thai food, everywhere and practically anywhere! I loved their green curry... And this banana milkshake (below). 

Fried mushrooms I think. This dish was way too salty, but dip/soak everything in thai sweet chili and everything will taste great. Heh. 


I loved the green curry SO much I actually drank the curry alone after we were finished with the fish. Yes, it was THAT good. Simply amazing...

Everybody's favorite Mango Sticky Rice :) I thought it would be too sweet... And damn, it was sweet, but I couldn't stop eating! 

Got hennas^^ And that is all for our night at Khao San! Our very last night in Bangkok actually :(

Cafe in Platinum Mall after last minute shopping! ^^ And then we headed off to the airport:(:(:( 

Lunch/dinner at the airport before we flew back to Sg! 

Well, that's pretty much it from my Bangkok trip! I would LOVE to come back again :) And I intend to, maybe next year when I'm back for summer. This time I will take ALL my ggfs along!!!

I might do another post of Bangkok - Instagram: Bangkok Diary.

Till I see you again land of smiles!!!


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