Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Instagram: Bangkok Diary

So, this post is Bangkok via my iPhone camera! And the last post on Bangkok, till my return in future!!! Pictures are captioned according to my Instagram (more or less)! 

WAZZZ UP. Ready to conquer BKK! 

Ma girls and the cameras! 

And then there's me.

Handmade clock.

Eating food in the hotel room. #padthai 

A back alley near Ecotel.

All the cars waiting on the train to pass by. 


Bangkok's floating market. 

Sofa(r) so good (Y).


What's up, Chatuchak???

You are my ice kacang......In this tropical breeze!!! 

WHALE you like this picture??? 

Favorite street stall: Thai fishcakes

Bangkok's newest attraction: Asiatique.

Pandora Cafe in Siam.

Thai beer.

Pineapple rice! 


Hennas (WR, LY, Mine - Left to right)

Durian. Nomz.

Green mango.

Congee for breakfast.

My Bangkok haul. 

That's all for Bangkok right now! 

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