Friday, July 06, 2012

Olly + food


Happy with her cupcakes from Plain Vanilla!!! 

So I finally met my dearest Olly and we went to Hatched at Holland Village. Honestly, I think that Hatched is WAY WAY WAY over-rated. I didn't enjoy the food at all. 

The egg was supposed to be poached but it was almost fully cooked on the inside. The salad was bland, and bacon was bacon, the bread was bread. I liked the mashed potato though. Small portions, okay service, mediocre tasting food. Pretty expensive for that serving too! I might have gotten a bad batch/serving, but Olly's food was "meh" too. I'm definitely not going back. 

My company however, was fantastic! I finally met Olly, almost a month after I came back from Canada! She was a darling as usual^^ We bought cupcakes from Plain Vanilla, which were widely raved about on twitter. And I loved the cupcakes! They were super soft and it just melts in your mouth, it's pretty fabulous. Especially the strawberry one (I can't remember the name), but it is SO good! 

Anyhow, we headed over to Vivo's Pacific Coffee Company. Just to chill and relax the whole afternoon away, talking to my lovely friend ^^ Caught up a whole lot! Olly if you're reading this, you're missed! Have fun in Korea!!! :)

I'll see you soon! 


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