Friday, July 20, 2012

Picnic with the bestfriend.

Had a picnic with Isabel aka my bff a few wednesdays back! Had a lot of fun^^ 

I made a 'menu' for Isabel, in an attempt to add a little personal touch to the picnic. And here's what it looked like! 

I actually liked this (very) simple salmon dish I made. Pepper, Mozzarella cheese, Salmon and biscuit (also, lime and salt - which are very indeed invisible). Easy to make as a picnic snack!!! Not forgetting tasty too^^ 

My new and improved style of drinking Yakult.

The very self-absorbed me. HEH. 

And after the picnic, we went over to Univeresal Studios. NO I'm just kidding. We stood outside and explored the area outside. And took a couple of pictures. Man, I am embarrassed.

That's it for my mini picnic endeavor! ^^


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