Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date @ Pique Nique


Went on a date with the boyfriend to Pique Nique @ Taka! I've been cafe hunting a lot recently... So you have been warned!!! Pictures of good food, coming right up! Anyway, I enjoyed Pique Nique ^^ I was SO full after eating there.

The food was good too! Everyone you guys should check this cafe out! I love it^^

My charming boyfriend.

And the not-so-charming me.

LOL too many pictures!!! MY HAIR WAS LOOKING GOOD MAN!!! 

And this... Was my English Breakfast (or was it Big Breakfast) burger. Holy smokes it was good! I'm no food critic but the egg was way better than the supposedly 'poached' one in Hatched. 

This was what left me SO freaking full! I ate there at about 3-4pm? And I was so full until I couldn't eat till like the next day? LOL. I'm not exaggerating man! Okay, I think I had a few snacks. HAHAHA

Zy's teriyaki burger!!! It was nice too! But according to ZY, it gets kinda thick and becomes a "too much" after half the burger! HUGE portion too! We were so freaking full after that! Anyway, I have to mention that I LOVE THE BREAD ^^ I don't know why I've been putting way too much attention into breads now. THIS was good bread. LOL. 

All clean - I mean the plate. 

Too full for dessert........ Which looked too good to be true!!!

And we had Frolicks!!! After so long! This was pretty good ^^ 

Abrupt end. BYE.

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