Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bowlers? I think not...

I went bowling... 

Yes, you saw right, bowling. With the boyfriend. After so many years!!! I can't bowl for nuts, LOL. I got a strike though, I highly think it was based on luck. ANYHOW, it was fun! And I want to go bowling again!!!!!! 


I usually am not a fan of soft toys... BUT THOSE ARE TOO CUTE!!! 

LOL my pose damn fail. My hands like gna break eh?

LOL. PRO BOWLER!!! hahahaha, just kidding!


My $1 socks. 

OOPS. Someone fell. Hahahahhaha! 

That's all for the bowling adventures! I want to go back! But perhaps, not any where in the near future! Hehehe, I love you boyfriend. You're so silly it's too cute. Hahahahah


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