Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reminiscing Thai

What's up!!! That is such a lousy way to start a blog post, I know. But, I'm tacky, what's new?

I met up with Isabel and Jolene! Wenrong stayed over at my place the day before, so she came over for lunch with us too! We ate at Holland V's Thai Express. The only reason I think we ate there was because we all missed Thailand's food (except Isabel who didn't go).

We had some Thai fishcakes, green curry with rice, beef noodles, and Pad Thai Talay. 

^ The Thai fishcakes! These were pretty amazing! There has been a lot of different interpretations of the Thai fishcake, but I like the one that they sell along Bangkok streets. Idk how to describe it... Anyway, Thai Express' fishcakes were pretty neat! 

^A classic Thai dish: Pad Thai. I LOVE Thai Express' Pad Thai Talay. The original Pad Thai from Thailand was actually pretty sweet, and this one isn't that sweet. And I actually love that it isn't too sweet! My second favorite dish from Thai Express (my favorite is the crayfish red tom yum noodles!!!). Even though it isn't my favorite, I never fail to order this dish when I am at Thai Express... It is not too spicy and not too bland! 

^ Green curry! I thought this dish was pretty neat too! Except the bowl was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. But nevertheless, the green curry was good - less sweet than the actual Thailand one, but still delicious ^^ 


Beef noodles! Wenrong had this because she wanted to stay away from heaty foods. I didn't really like it, but if it were in front of me, I would eat it. The one in Thailand was way better in my opinion - the Thais add a lot of additional sugar and chili! This is better for someone who isn't feeling well I guess!

ENOUGH ABOUT FOOD. I am talking way too much about food!!!!!!!! NOMZ. I am such a foodie. ZZZ. 

Hello my friends^^


Charlene met Jolene and she popped by to say hi (& take a picture)!

Wenrong has no space already!!!

Hello funny faces. 

Hung out with Isabel after that, went with her to hunt for her nursing bag (which she is faithfully carrying every working day). Ya we shopped around a little too. 

And then we headed to TCC for more food!!! I have been eating too much good food, I feel guilty!!! TCC had a 1 for 1 promotion, so we decided to eat there - it was also near us and we were lazy. OOPS. 

^ I ordered the seafood aglio olio. To be honest, I didn't like it. If I had to be paying full price for that, I wouldn't be seen eating there. It was way too spicy for aglio olio, the noodles were too bland, the prawns/scallops were big but had almost no taste. I still ate everything because... Don't waste food, as my boyfriend always says! 

I'm definitely not going back for this. 

^ Isabel's white fish I believe? I had a mouthful of this and I like it! I thought the portions were pretty okay too - although it might look like it's very little. And I mean mainly for girls who want to stuff a little cake for dessert later. 

Posing with my food. I want more of my face. 

And here's Isabel's face.

Group picture! LOL. 

We had not-so-satisfying cake after that... I doubt I'm ever going back unless it's for coffee or everybody else wants to go there. The best thing about TCC however, is that their service is REALLY GOOD. We went to the outlet at Centerpoint (next to the bakkwa store I think?), the guy at the door wasn't that friendly, but the waitress who helped us with most of our orders was a really sweet girl. The other waitress too, was really nice! 

Singapore needs to remove service charge and let us tip already!!! Singaporeans really need to learn how to tip and be generous when we have to!


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