Monday, July 23, 2012

Raindrops cafe

I am lucky for I always get to eat good food (that looks pretty too). This time I went with my boyfriend to Raindrops Cafe ^^ I went there a few days before this actual trip with my friends, but we received bad service so we left before even ordering anything. 

I wanted to try this place out and so I went back with my boyfriend, in hopes of better service (perhaps a different crew) and boy it was way more enjoyable!!! I loved the concept of the cafe and the waiter was extremely nice (albeit him looking a little blur).

I guess bcs the cafe is relatively new and is pretty hidden away, that's why there are very little customers on the day we went. Besides another couple and us there weren't any other people. 

We ordered and asked for 2 glasses of iced water. Their iced water, instead of lemon, there were strawberries!!! I didn't notice it at first until by boyfriend told me and I saw the jug of water. ^^ That was pretty neat! 

Picture of me... Upset while waiting for the food! Which took quite a while:( 

And the food finally came!!!!! YAY to that! 

ZY had Chicken Roulade, which wasn't amazing. I loved the mashed potato (I guess) sauce, and the chicken was good too. But a rather plain dish for $20 don't you think? 

AND I HAD THE AMAZING BURGER DROPLETS. SAY AWWW ALREADY!!! These are SO cute! And they come are each different! Beef (kinda like a mini cheese burger), fish and chicken. ZY LOVED the beef one while I have to say that I liked the fish burger best! 

More pictures for you!!! Hungry yet??? Muahahahahah! 



And then the burga disappeared. HEH. I like Raindrops cafe and probably would return to that cafe soon! I like that it is in the middle of town and VERY easily accessible^^ And I also want to try their desserts soon!  I heard their creme brulee is especially good! So, Idk when, but I'll be back!!! ^^


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