Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bonchon Chicken!

I went out with my boyfriend on a random day he had leave from the army! And we had good food!!! HEHEHE. AGAIN. I know right, I AM SO BLESSED! I always have good food to eat and great company!!! :) 

So this time, we wanted to go to Bugis+, the new mall (originally named Illuma - Idk why they renamed it...), with the largest Uniqlo in Singapore (no, seriously wtf? Dk why Uniqlo is so popular actually. Moving on...), blah blah blah. We went to explore Bugis+, which had nothing much - I guess not all the shops are up yet. Some shops are pretty sweet, but the others are meh. But there is a lot of food there! When I saw BonChon chicken, I literally went, "OMG WTF IS THAT REAL???"

I swear I was so happy I could CRY man. I had this in New York City, if you can remember and have been following my blog. Here's a picture for proof ;) Actually you can't really tell it's in NYC. LOL. The beers I guess? And the street name? So... Don't believe me go google!!! Hahahah! 

This was located in NYC, very near the Empire State Building. Holy smokes (my favorite phrase now), Idk if it's because I haven't had good sauced fried chicken/Asian food in such a long while, or I was really hungry that day, but it was THE best BonChon chicken I've had... The chicken was definitely fatter than the ones in 4 Fingers (located in Ion), juicier too^^ 

When I talk about chicken, my eyes sparkle... I must be crazy. 

Okay anyhow, we went over to Bugis Junction and we (ahhem ZY in particular) spent quite a bit of money at Topshop/man before we decided to head back to Bugis+ for BonChon Chicken. 

Very simple/straightforward menu. ME LIKE. 

BUT it gets pretty confusing for first timers! When I first went to the store in NYC, I was very mixed up between the "Wings" and "Drumstick". Personally I liked the chicken wings better than the drumlet. So my friend and I (my first time in BonChon Chicken), ordered wings, thinking that we would get only chicken wings! 

But we were wrong! We got drumlets as well! Things got pretty embarrassing for me when I asked the waiter why there were drumlets when we ordered wings... So his explanation was that the drumlet is part of the WHOLE chicken wing! And the drumstick is in fact the BIG DRUMLET near the thigh - that's why it's more expensive. 

So don't make the same silly mistake I made at BonChon;)

Zy and I ordered one small portion of Drumsticks, and a medium portion of Wings! I felt like I could definitely eat more but I was pretty full that day. I tried both Hot and Soy sauce. I personally like hot sauce WAYYY better! But my poor boy cannot eat spicy food thanks to his gastric :( 

The drumsticks!!! NOMZZZ. I LOVED THIS. 

And the wings (and drumlets - now you know what I mean) which are visibly smaller! I actually like 4 fingers wings better, BUT the big drumsticks were a winner :')

There's a bar too for drinks! 

And there's the pot for your bones! 

I'm definitely going back!!! HEHEHE. I love it! I hope BonChon goes to Vancouver, or even better Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -fingers crossed-


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