Sunday, July 29, 2012

NDP NE Show 1

My boyfriend is a part of this year's National Day Parade (NDP '12), and I am so very proud of him ^^ He gave me a pair of tickets which I then proceeded to invite both Joanne and Jemmy to watch. I intended to play match-maker to these two cutie friends of mine, and would have succeeded if I had an extra ticket! :( 

So, I went with Joanne to the NDP instead. Like little girls, we flipped through the goodie bags, searching for food to eat, and things to play/mess around with. We stuck on temporary tattoos, ate buns given, munched on chips, and drank NEWater. LOL. Here's the photo log! 


I guess we were pretty early??? But there were a ton of people there already! And the rest of the space in front were for the primary 5 kids (NE show!!!). 


I am very proud of the Singaporean skyline. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love MBS, I love the Arts and Science Museum, the Helix bridge, the SG Flyer, and all the other buildings in the Central Business District. They ALL make the Singaporean skyline look BADASS. I have to say, I think Singapore's skyline is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Probably the best in the world. But what say me... I'm Singaporean, of course I'd be biased. 

But judge for yourself! Enjoy the pictures! ;) 

My patriotic friend with her 3 Singaporean tattoos ^^ I hope mine are kept somewhere... I actually intend to wear them out on National Day. Although I'd look like a TOTAL retard. 

Red Lions!!! Commandos jumping out from an aircraft. It looks simple, feels simple. But I am sure it is hella difficult!!! 

You can't really see, but landing!!!!!!

Some Navy people I guess? 

My boyfriend's contingent ^^ The commandos in their trademark red berets!!!!!

Okay, you can't see him:( 


National Anthem. I thought I forgot... Oh Canada........... KIDDING!!! I love Canada, but I would never forget Singapore's national anthem for nuts. Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore). 

Stunning display of fighter jets stunts (what is the right word???)

A more dramatic effect!!! 

3 blank shots!!! 

Zy, zy... WHERE ARE YA??? 

Defense Minister! The other guys (MPs, president) were stimulated/fake. LOL quite a joke. 

Navy again! 

And more air display! 

Still cannot find zy............. But I did manage to catch him on screen for 2 seconds. Too fast for the camera though, didn't manage to capture him:( After this, they marched out. And then it was the dance section of the NDP! 

Singapore's evening sky. Gorgeous right? ;) 

I actually loved how they used Singapore's skyline as the backdrop for the stage!!! Amazing :')

The performances weren't as amazing as the ones YEARS before. But nevertheless still good. I was busy playing with the erm... LED light clapper (as you can see it lights up). 

Fireworks!!!!!!!! This had Joanne so excited!!! Just like the primary 5 kids! Hahhaha! 

It started raining halfway and I didn't bother taking out my camera to take pictures, so these snaps were pretty much just random shots when I decided I should take my camera out. LOL. 

YA we wore our ponchos ^^ 

After the show!!!! Me and Joanne. My lord, I look ghastly. 

But we only have a few pictures like this together..... So please spare my ghastliness. ACK. 

THE END (of the show). 

In an attempt to take our background. LOL. #fail.

So we asked someone to take a photo for us. There. Much better ^^ 

Honestly, I thought NDP this year was pretty lame as compared to what it was before. This year, they had Bruno Mars songs (the hell???) - like a medley? And they tried to link it because Bruno Mars had a song Count on Me? And they tried to link it to Count on me Singapore. LOL They just used it as an excuse to bring ALL the other irrelevant Bruno mars songs in (Think Just the way you are, It will rain,  etc etc) I'd rather they have a compilation of the previous years NDP songs. I would LOVE that. 

Anyhow, I still enjoyed NDP very much and was very bloody excited because my boyfriend was marching in it. I was on the lookout for him since the first batch of people in green came out. I was pretty lost because I couldn't find the red berets!!! Then I realized that he was supposed to be in his Number 1 (white), not Number 4 (green). When he came out, man, although I didn't know where he was at, I was like MAN MY BOYFRIEND IS THERE. Heheheh. I am very proud of him ^^ He is such a darling :''''''') I love you babe!!!!! (I hope you read this ^^) Keep pushing on! I know the rehearsals are tough but don't worry! For Honor and Glory! 

I am such a mushy girlfriend. HEHE. 



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