Monday, July 30, 2012

Crystal Jade Kitchen: Dim Sum

Met up with all MA girls after sucha loooooooooong time. OH MAN. Like ALL of them, as a whole group. Finally!!! This actually pretty long ago... I am just blogging about it. LOL, so back lashed. 


Meet Jolene. She's an expert in asking people to take pictures of her doing silly/nonsensical stuff. 

Now meet Yulenda, the one who is ALWAYS keen in taking photos... No matter how nonsensical/silly. 

We had Dim Sum at Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Holland V. The food to be honest, wasn't fantastic. Idk why, but I feel as if Crystal Jade's food standards have been dropping? I used to go there ALL the time when I was a kid... Now it's just like MEH. 

We went to Cold Rock after that for some goodie Ice cream ^^ 

My Banana mixed with gummy bears and peanut butter. I am SUCH a sucker for gummy bears and peanut butter. 

Yeah, a lot of ice cream... I know. 

We do nonsensical stuff together.... (as follows, you can see us posing like we would in secondary school thinking it was cool)

This sign is still cool now okay. 

Instagram addicts alert!!!!!!!!!

If you haven't already.......... It's cutheties. Follow me!!!

LOL. EPIC photo!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at Joanne and wanted to do a nasty face... But I caught her looking at me. AND THEN WE BOTH LAUGHED. Talk about chemistry eh?


HOW GLAMOROUS. Outside the toilet... 

I miss my girls!!! I'll get to see them soon I hope :') 


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