Saturday, August 18, 2012

A date with Jolene

Finally decided to update! This was from 2 weeks ago. I met up with Jolene and we had sushi, and Japenese food. I think I can't ever get sick of Japanese food. I don't particularly like raw sushi (sashimi and whatnot), but everything else cooked...I like. 

This was Itacho at JCube - my first time there. Every other place in Singapore is just getting so very urban, and although I don't miss the old Jurong Entertainment Center, I feel like everything is just moving so fast!!! 

Anyhow, photo log - as usual:

I had the Unagi Don and I can't remember what it tastes like now... So it probably wasn't fantastic at all. Extremely soggy rice. The best Unagi Don I've had is probably at Ion's Ginza Bairin (Level B4). 

Headed over to Pique Nique to chill. 

This cupcake was extremely meh. But it looked so promising... 

Oh, hello. 

And a cappuccino.

It was really nice to meet Jolene again and to finally catch up with her :) She was so busy, and is still very busy these few days :( But I'll see her soon, so cheers to that!!! 

Update soon, when I feel like it I guess. 


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