Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Gift of Time X BKT X Haagen Dazs

This was the very first day I decided to start shooting completely manually...But failed very evidently without the flash. But I'm getting better at it now! (Also partly because I now refuse to shoot in the dark LOL) Now, I refuse to shoot without using the M mode. Hmmm... Anyways, this post is just an update of long ago. Lazy to note stuff, so just pictures! 

Am in Canada now! Pretty much filled with bad luck these days. Forgot to bring Lost my specs on the airplane... WTF. Need to go make a new pair when I get back to Victoria. SIGH. I'm unlucky as unlucky gets. 


I thought I had already uploaded this post!!! But I guess not! Tomorrow's the first day of school!!! Here we gooooooooooo! Let's conquer Year 2!


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