Friday, September 07, 2012

Instagram: Summer 2012


Pretty wallet for my brother ^^ 

New Fossil bag for myself... Heheheheh, it was on sale (you really can't blame me it was freaking cheap)!!!

Le Boyfriend.

Arm Swag (Y)



Picnic @ Sentosa w the BFF.

Did a mini jigsaw puzzle with the boyfriend ^^ I want to do a bigger one!!!

Made my own Bibimbap! 

Couple swag ^^ Our atas couple shirt from Topman. heh.


Durians NOMZ

My mermaid craze.

All 5 photos (abv) from National Day Parade^^ The handsome boyfriend marching. 

Extracted my bottom 2 wisdom teeth. Swollen like mad!!!

From Le boyfriend. ^^

Mermaid nails #1

Squid Ink bun! Very interesting!

Tiong Bahru Bakery!



Lady Antoinette!


Zy brought me to Swee Choon for dim sum! #noregrets

Mermaid nails #2

Films from Summer 2012.

Durian puffs from zy to my family!!! So sweet that boy!

Taste paradise!!! 

This picture was from FB! A gorilla responding to the cold stethoscope. 

Made breakfast for LZY before his official NDP march. I planned to meet him at like 6 - which meant I had to leave house at 540 to walk over (there were no buses!!!)! I am very proud of myself. HAHAHAHA Can I do this??? It's my blog, so who cares. HEH. 

National day ootd. 

Majulah Singapura!

Kenny Roasters in Genting!!!!!! 

The Spinner^^

THE SKY :') 

Buffet @ First World Cafe!!!!!!! I wished all the food was warm, bcs if it were warm, it would have been delicious. 

The desserts section. Exaggerated??? I'd like to think they just wanna spoil us. The pandan pudding was SOOOOOOOOOO good. NOMZ.

Glow in the dark bowling!!! I wanna bowl again! I think I might actually really like bowling. Hehehe.

All my ear caps. Chio not? Hehehe. I've become so much girly-er. 

Gardens by the Bay. Where I fell :( 

Mermaid nails #3

Kiseki with my mommy, Jeremy (the brother), and ZY (the boyfriend). I love it when ZY joins us for lunch/dinner... Anything! I would love that we all can spend time together. And my parents like him^^

So, I went to Bintan as well! With Princess Lisa! She even brought a balloon there. HAHAHA It was so funny when she tried to go through the customs, where they scanned the bags. And the balloon unknowingly flew and it hit the guy who was serving us...on the face. LOL. 

Picnic with many cameras!

Bubble bath!!!

For the dancers!

Breakfast at Angsana Bintan ^^ I expected better breakfast honestly... But the omelettes were pretty awesome! P.S. I'm not an omelette person.


We were blessed with rain AND wind for our lunch by the beach. #howlucky #imsarcasticareyougettingit? Nevertheless, I loved the dessert!!! It was like the best dessert EVER. Mango yoghurt/ice cream/cake. Man, it was nice. 

Little girl + the sea. The water there is gorgeous :') & then, it was back to Singapore!!! 

Mu Parlor with Afina. That sweet/crazy girl and I ordered 3 cakes which were all amazing! But I loved their lemon meringue the best. I have a thing for lemon meringues... And lemon. Actually, anything sour. 

Who's this chio girl.....? Hehehe

The last meet up with my girls (Jol couldn't even go:( ), and we took some polaroids for keeping! The polaroids turned out amazing! I miss you all!!! 

This was colorful different flavored xlbs with the dancers!!! They were pretty amazing! Except for the pink szechuan one (which had me choked up), and Ginseng. I don't like Ginseng. 

Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery following lunch! 

All the cakes and ice cream were amazing!!! but I liked the fruit ones the best. heh.

Ma dancers. 


From the princess. Aren't these socks the cutest :''')

After Sentosa, I went with zy to have some old school chinese (I guess) desserts. Don't stare at my handsome boyfriend. Hehehe.

That sweetie pie brought his number 1 and wore it for me because I told him I REALLY wanted to see him in it. It's all because I wouldn't be able to get a chance to see him in it, thanks to my studies in Canada. I haven't attended any of his army related events yet, and I can't attend any of the upcoming ones... I feel so sad, but this boy is just amazing :') So proud of him also! I caught him on TV when he was marching for NDP too. Hehehe. 

Ice cream - the last time we see each other :'( (or so I thought)

Film - dramatically printed 3 days before my departure. Awesome photos, I like the film more actually. 

Say hi to my brother (this was taken at the airport)! Do we look alike??? I guess we do... Kinda? 

Bye Singapore :'(

Le boyfriend surprised me with his group of friends at the airport. SIGH I miss him so much!!!!!

And this was taken in Burnaby.

Here's my summer summarized in one instagram post - with some pictures missing. Nevertheless, summer 2012 back in Singapore was great!!! I miss Singapore already... My family, the people, the food... Oh well, another 8 more months till I go back!!! :)

The upcoming summer would be crazy too!!! With Zy coming over to Vancouver together with my family, and driving up to the US. Holy shit, I can't contain my excitement!!!!!! :''') San Fran, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas...... HERE WE COME (in 8 months...)!!!!!!!!!

Miss you babe, if you're reading this! Can't wait for you to come out from army! I'm totally looking forward to meeting you next year (already... It's not even been a month. ZZZ), and we shall conquer Six Flags, Disneyland, and possibly the cheesecake factory!!!!!!!!! HEHEHE I'm totally excited! I will see you soon (on skype) ^^ Take care in Singapore!!! & in the meantime, I'm missing you! hehehe *inserts multiple heart emoticons*


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