Sunday, September 09, 2012


All pictures are from tumblr (mostly - man I LOVE her tumblr!!!) and the last picture is from - 

I'm an extremist (is there such a thing?). I like small clutches and huge bags... Most of the bags I use are huge - mainly so I can fit everything in them. I also occasionally indulge in clutches. But because I'm usually the camera person, I rarely use them. I love my camera, and I think I like being the camera person. Perhaps I don't actually like to take photos, but bcs I'm a little of a perfectionist (only in some areas), I'd have to have the pictures edited to my own liking. Maybe here's why I should stop buying clutches at all... Or get a compact camera...?

Anyhow, I'm all ready for fall. Away with summer!!! Excited isn't exactly the right word, but all my have in my wardrobe are fall/winter staples. I wanna wear them NOW. I'm actually looking forward to next summer! My gosh, this post is a mess! I'm so contradictory, and the worst blogger ever! And I want the shiny 1460 DMs :'''''(

I will upload more pictures I took in SG soon! When I decide to be less lazy. Heh.


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