Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hawker for 2

Hello everyone!!!!! :)

I'm squeezing in a post before I head off to class @ 630pm (Ikr, what kinda timing is that...)! So, when I was back in Singapore, I hung out a lot with my boyfriend, and he brought me to this hawker! It isn't exactly a hidden treasure, but the variety of food they have is simply amazing! I was pretty skeptical about this place initially, but after ZY brought me here, it kinda grew on me! Heheheh.

So, where exactly is this hawker I am talking about? It's the Old Airport Road hawker center! We ordered SO much food... My gosh, was my stomach bursting when we left. Almost every stall we ordered from had a line up or a wait of at least 10 minutes. But it was all worth it! 

Le handsome boyfriend - who styled his hair! Look likea small boy right! I'm secretly a pedophile ;)

Only posting this picture bcs my hair looks amazing!!!!!!!! Hahahah Or so I think...?

Here's another picture. My face is all like :D

Prawn noodles, prawn mee!!!

Oysters in eggs (what's the proper name for this?), au jian.


Erm, grilled/bbq chicken on a stick ; SATAY!!! 

Hot plate (?) tofu

NOMZ. They have the lao ban tao huay (beancurd) there also, but lucky for me I don't like tao huay so I can't be bothered. I loved all the dishes! We ordered from the zi char stall as well - the fried baby squids which pretty much sucked. It was the worst dish out of all. It was just chewy...and weird tasting. I liked the one in Far East Plaza!!! Top level zi char stall! I think next to the rojak stall. I should go back there someday! 

Well, when I get back to Singapore I guess? Can't wait for summer to come again!


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