Friday, August 03, 2012

Max Brenner

We visited Max Brenner @ Vivo City. It was a really last minute decision, and we were looking for a cafe near us... So we googled and Max Brenner came up! Max Brenner hosts a ton of chocolate goodness. Chocolatey people, you're in luck because all their chocolate are REALLY rich and thick. It was too much for me (I'm NOT a chocolate person...), but nevertheless it was a nice place to chillax at. 

Once again, here's the photo log! 

Max's story on why he decided to open this cafe. 

Some not so flattering pictures of me............ That I have to put up because I thought my face should be somewhere here and this were the only pictures I thought were okay (and not blur),

ZY's dark chocolate!!! It wasn't as bitter as I thought it would be actually! It was pretty sweet too!

My marshmellow hot (milk) chocolate. Marshmallows can NEVER go wrong^^ 

Some chocolate lava cake... Can't remember the name exactly. 

Me looking noob pouring the chocolate over the chocolate cake. I know, I know, so much chocolate!!! P.S. I didn't change the camera's setting, so it was focused on something else. zzz. Ended up with a set of lousy pictures. I'm still learning to handle the M mode, so please forgive me! 

Overall, I liked Max Brenner, but I wouldn't go back and order the same things I did. It was TOO much chocolate for me to handle. Wayyy too sweet! If I ever went back, it would be either the hot chocolate I ordered or the chocolate cake. And it can only be one... 

Look at my poser boyfriend posing while I was rampaging through the clothes racks at Zara. LOL. 

So much respect for these people who volunteered to shave their heads in support of the cancer patients... I would never have the courage to step on that stage. I really respect them. 

And I've finally uploaded all my pictures and am not backlogged anymore. Now I need to take more pictures so that this blog shall not be empty! Going out with Wenrong and the others later! YAY.


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