Thursday, August 02, 2012

Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery

Visited Lady Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery with Isabel and Yulenda! We have been meeting up a lot, whenever Isabel is free!!! It's a good thing^^ Anyhow, we were at Mandarin Gallery.......... My intention was to just order desserts there, but the two girls ordered main courses and the menu was so tempting...So I gave in and ordered a main course for myself too! 

Photo log!

My Marinara! It was a little bland for marinara. I liked the fact that they threw in a ton of seafood. 

Toh Toh (aka Yul) had Crab Suzette, which I can't remember what it tastes like now....... Hahahaha. #fail

Isabel's carbonara. Which was very filling. The initial mouths were good, but then it became too much to swallow. It's impossible to finish. But then again all Carbonaras are. 

Desserts time! 

Mont Blanc - It wasn't too sweet (BIG FAT PLUS)! 

Isabel and her macaroon. 

Abrupt end. Hahahaha. 


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