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Hello blog! It is the 1st of August already! My summer holidays are coming to an end:( I am flying back to Canada at the end of this month and time is running short!!! :( I have so much to do, and although I don't want time to pass by quickly I hope National Day is over soon so zy and I can spend more time together!!! 

It's the 1st of August, so happy nurses' day to all the nurses out there!!! Especially to my mommy, and my bff Isabel. Hahahah! Thank you all for your hard work, effort, and willingness to work in an environment most Singaporeans shun (unless terribly sick). 

Also, the 1st of August marks our (zy and I) 27th month anniversary!! :) Happy 27 month babe! I know it's crazy, time has flown, and we're still together. I am actually really surprised. When we first started out, everything was pretty shakey. I had to study in Canada, we have so many differences, and so many people didn't approve of us (mainly because of our LDR). We overcame a lot of problems to reach where we are today. And today, I feel like we are stronger, and I am more confident than ever about our relationship. 

When I introduce myself, I say that I am studying in Canada and have a boyfriend here in Singapore, people go, "WHAT??? Then what happens to him?" I get particularly annoyed. But that was last time. Now I just tell them, "It's hard, but we get by..." and I miss out the most important part. That I love him a lot, it's not as if I can just command a stop to our relationship as and when I like it, or just because I am going overseas to study. Sure, it's tough, but we went through a lot together, what makes you (or basically anyone who questions our r/s) think we are just gonna give up now? 

It's crazy what we have. And I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything. 

And.........A photolog from Instagram to complete this post. Happy 27th again babe! I love you tons^^ 

At Sentosa! 

Damn straight. 

I did this last month. Apps used: Photowonder and Phoster.

We went bowling!!!!!

After eating good food!

Fixed a puzzle^^

Awaiting good food @ Raindrops cafe! Look at his bib!!!

Too much #coupleswag. Because we're hipsters LIKE THAT ;)

More food: BonChon Chicken

Durians... HOLY I need some now!!!

Random day at Ion. 

I went to see his NDP NE show 1^^ Spotted him for 2 seconds on the big screen!

Took this photo (abv) from facebook, and took the liberty of cropping out his friends, and pasting pictures over them. Sorry dudes. 

Silly boy surprised me with a cupcake from 12 cupcakes because I said I wanted to try a cupcake there :')

What's up? LOL

Tiong Bahru Bakery (just did a post on this).

Squid Ink Bun @ Tiong Bahru Bakery!

Grin Affair @ Everton Park! 

My cakes in jars!!!!! Holy crap!!!

The strawberry one was great! But DURIAN WAS BETTER!!! A lot thicker and very smooth! I will go back for more! 

Boyfriend took me to Dim Sum @ Swee Choon! Such a darling he took the liberty of looking for the place and bringing me there knowing that I love Dim Sum. Okay, actually I love almost all kinds of food. Except western. LOL. 

CUSTARD PAU. I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOMZ. 

Zy bought this for my family - already more than half gone when the picture was taken...... He's such a sweetie, always taking care of my family buying us stuff. When I was in Canada he bought chicken essence for my family you know!!! Such a sweetie pie. And 2 tubs of Haagen Dazs too. I believe that my brother ended up drinking everything my parents had nothing........ ZZZ. And he also bought 1 tub of Haagen Dazs for me when I was back. And durians for the whole family. He isn't earning a lot but I'm so happy (my parents are happy too) that he is taking care of everybody. 

What would I do without him? 

Polaroid of us together^^

Taken today! Idk why he looks so sad:( Perhaps it's because I didn't buy him any present??? :( But it's okay I kissed him better already. LOL. What is this cheesiness coming from me? -vomits- Okay, I am back.

Stay gold babe. Just know that you're precious and dear to me. Thank you for always being here for me, going through the tough times together and never letting go. Thank you for listening to me whine about nonsense, and sorry for being so annoying sometimes. Whatever problems we have, let's face them together. I'm sure we will work any problems coming our way out just fine. I love you. Happy 27th Month (yes again. I am annoying.).

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