Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Milk Clothing


It's Cyber Monday, and what do you do on Cyber Mondays??? Camp by online shopping sites and snag items off the sale once the sale begins - I think I might have a small shopping problem here... But anyway!!! This year, I did just that!

I know it's not even Monday in Canada yet, but it is Monday in other parts of the world...specifically, in Australia!!! Yup, so what did I get.....? Black Milk Clothing is having (still on, go go go!) a Crazy, with a capital C, 50% off selected items sale! I've been stalking Black Milk for a while now, and I love their clothes! But the thing is, I have never gotten around buying a piece from them before, just because their stuff are kinda pricey. So when I saw that they were having a 50% sale, I knew this was a chance to become a real sharkie and snag a couple of pieces for myself!

I nommed, and voila! I am now a BM sharkie^^ See you guys on the other side!!!


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